School libraries are generally regarded more for their role as a quiet study area for students during the school day than for their resources, but they offer much more than that. School librarians will gladly take a student through the collection of literature that the school library has to offer, educating them on the fact that they are there for enjoyment as well as scholastics.

Computer Lab

Computer education has become vastly popular and plays a significant role in professional excellence of an individual. It is being introduced in the school curriculum to bring the level of indian students equal to the level of foreign students to enable them to confront the challenges of age of technology. Our school has a large computer laboratory equipped with more than two hundred computers with latest hardware configuration and up to dated software and internet facilities. This laboratory aims at facillitating students with sound knowledge of computer and its applications in their education. Computers are also used as an assistance to the teaching methodology of other core subjects with installation of relevant software. Computers education is provided to the students right form class 1st to class 12th. A broad-band internet connection enables the students to collect latest information about various innovative events happening across the globe.

Biology Lab

The Department is full of life. The Department has got a very good lab facility. Attached with it is a small museum with preserved specimens and collections . Collection includes the bones, horns of different animals, skulls of human etc. The preserved specimens represent the various Phyla. In addition to all these, all the essential biological tools are in sufficient numbers, for the students to develop skill in biological studies. The lab can accommodate at a time 35 students.

Physics Lab

We have well equipped physics laboratory. We acknowledge the students with charts, models and experiments related to the subject in the laboratory. From Secondary to Higher class students of XI and XII Science are trained to perform experiments in an efficient manner. The laboratory is spacious and also well planned to help children learn fast and effectively. Our school extends full co-operation in updating the stock of instruments helpful in nurturing the scientific temper of the students in the laboratory. We also assist the students with various books concerning with projects, experiments and datas.

Chemsitry Lab

We have well equipped chemistry lab. The students from Secondary to higher secondary section perform practical individually. They are accompanied by the teacher incharge to help them to carry out the experiments methodically. In Primary Section Students visit labs. They are given the practical demonstration of the topics when required.

Bus Service